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Digital Arts

Experimental filmmaker Angelina Voskopoulou, faye mullen, Digital Photographer Irini Miari, Jessica Sartor-d'Avigdor, Art Historian Anastasia Manioudaki, and Andrew Stiff

Discover your own unique channel of communication. Build creativity and innovation! If photography, video art, sound & theory based on art is your passion, then enrol in this course!


Workers' Rights in a Global Economy

Prof. Dr. Stefanie Lorenzen, Dr. Frank Hoffer, Prof. Dr. Christoph Scherrer, Prof. Paul Whitehead, Beatriz Vacotto, Peter Rossman, Dr. Ben Scully, Dr. Michael Fichter, Victor Ricco, Dr. Claudia Hofmann, Martin Ahrens, and Tandiwe Gross

What are global workers’ rights? Are safe working conditions and living wages only a dream? Which institutions and instruments can be used to realise them? Explore these questions from an interdisciplinary and multi-level perspective.

Gamification Design 2015

Isidro Rodrigo, Victor Manrique, Yu-kai Chou, Mario Herger, Andrzej Marczewski, Roman Rackwitz, Chris Solarski, Dr. Oscar Garcia-Panella, emiliano labrador, Dr. Flavio Escribano, Jordi Moretón Galí, MSc Thijs de Vries, Toby Beresford, An Coppens, Sergio Jimenez, José Carlos Cortizo Pérez, and Cristina Pagés

Do you want to know what Gamification really is about? Do you want to learn how to design fun and engaging experiences? Are you ready to change your world with game design? Then join us in this MOOC!

Disasters and Ecosystems: Resilience in a Changing Climate

Dr. Karen Sudmeier, Dr. Udo Nehren, Assistant Prof. Dipl.-Ing Simone Sandholz M.Eng, Associate Prof. Dr. Marwa A. Khalifa, Dipl. Geogr. Wolfram Lange, Prof. Dr. Lars Ribbe, and Prof. Dr. Harald Sander

Disasters kill people, destroy infrastructure, damage ecosystems and undermine development. Climate change is expected to aggravate existing disaster risks. Ecosystem-based approaches for disaster risk reduction can be a strategy with multiple benefits.

Other Languages

Precorso di calcolo

Carlo Mariconda, Alberto Tonolo, Mattia Fogagnolo, Valentina Franceschi, Francesco Mattiello, and Luigi Provenzano

Il corso fornisce le nozioni di base per affrontare i corsi di matematica del primo anno dell’Università. Può essere utilizzato per prepararsi agli esami di ammissione o per ripassare e rassodare le nozioni apprese alla Scuola Superiore.