A New Form of Professional Development

Flexible, high-quality online courses are a fast growing emerging market in the area of professional development. Our full-service offer of course development, distribution and delivery on the iversity platform enables professional development and executive education providers (e.g. business schools, professional service firms, research institutes) to enter the digital space.

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Our Partners

We have established dozens of partnerships with a broad array of leading academic institutions, NGOs and businesses from all over Europe.

Our Full-Service Offer

Building the Course

iversity offers partners various course development services, from course conceptualisation based on our didactical framework to the production of learning videos and multi-media content. As pioneers in the field of a new wave of online education (Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)) we are at the vanguard of online learning didactics, enabling our partners to design and execute compelling, engaging, and effective courses.

The Platform

Designed to the latest industry standards by experienced web-developers and UX designer, keeping in mind the requirements of didactic designers and course instructors, our platform sets new usability standards in online education. Visually engaging and highly interactive, the platform is built to allow our partners to make full use of our new and powerful digital learning features.


With almost 1 million course enrollments in our 65 courses we already have significant B2C distribution capacity. In addition, our sales team addresses the B2B market opportunity from large corporates to government and non-profits, as well as to small and medium sized enterprises.

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