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"I believe that online education will be an important building block of teaching in the future. (...) I see great potential in having the opportunity to learn no matter where you are. You don’t need to be in school or in a lecture hall of a university anymore and therefore I believe that this will dramatically change our lives."

Dr. Angela Merkel
Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany interviewed by Marcus Riecke (iversity)

Quote nadiyka

iversity’s courses have become one of these small, but really important chances for me. Online studies are one of these precious seeds that start a real change in the world.

Nadiyka Gerbish

Quote sagar

Microbiology is my dream subject. Learning the course “DNA - From Structure to Therapy” with iversity has made my dream come true-I am loving it.

Sagar Aryal

Quote claudio

iversity has changed the way I view the responsibilities of educational institutes everywhere in providing world-class and accessible education.

Claudio Rodriguez Valdes