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Digital Marketing – Strategies & Channels

Tobias Busch
Tobias’s Journal
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»Most of the times i am consuming video content on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, since I am not a frequent user of Facebook. The buzz about Live-Video is strange to me, since I am not that in…

Chapter 6: Video

Tobias Busch, 04 Sep 17

»Since I am quite new to the field of digital marketing, I can not speak about any new tools i could recommend, which are not listed here yet. From the chapters i have worked on in this course …

Chapter 5: Tools

Tobias Busch, 24 Aug 17

» I have found several new insights i want to dive much deeper into. For example i did not know about the emphasis on live-streaming when it comes to Facebook Marketing. But the most interestin…

Chapter 7: Takeaways from the course

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Tobias Busch, 05 Sep 17

»Generally, i use mobile search in the same way as i use it on desktop. When I thought about the difference in the usage of the found content, i realized, that i use my mobile device in more "h…

Chapter 4: My mobile behavior as a consumer

Tobias Busch, 17 Aug 17

»As of now, I'm not a consistent storyteller, but i would like to incorporate it more into my daily work. To tell a story is a "human" approach to e.g. deliver a task to a co-worker in being a …

Chapter 2: Storytelling - Building connections and trust

Tobias Busch, 15 Aug 17