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What are you taking away from this course?

You have made your way through several digital marketing strategies and channels.

Therefore, we would like to ask you to reflect on the whole course material and pick one new insight, tool, concept etc. which you either already implemented/ tested/ dug deeper into or want to do so in the future. And why did you choose it?

But also, what are you missing or wish we had done differently?*

Chapter 7: Takeaways from the course

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  1. I have found several new insights i want to dive much deeper into. For example i did not know about the emphasis on live-streaming when it comes to Facebook Marketing. But the most interesting fact for me is to know about the many possibilities to step your digital marketing game up. The possibilities of data-driven marketing are exceptional and in this course i was introduced to the tools how to work things out for myself. Also i liked the emphasis on tools in this course, because i always wanted to know, how e.g. create good videos and photos by myself (and with my resources), and this course helped me a lot in this aspect.

  2. I would have liked to have tasks besides the journal entries, which are more closely linked to doing certain digital marketing activities directly. Maybe something like: "Look on website X and describe the what kind of target audience this company has by using an analytic tool of your choice" or a task, which allows us to go through a RTB. A guided task like this would be perfect. On the other hand, based on the how-to's in the additional materials, I was able to create those kind of tasks for myself. But general tasks like this for all the course attendants could be useful, because one would be able to discuss his interpretations or solutions with the other people in the course, who looked at the same problem.


Hi Tobias,

glad to hear you benefitted from the course! And thanks a lot for the suggestion of improvement.
I really like it! Do you mind sharing your "self-created task(s)"?



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