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»I made good experiences with Skype. I was coached and I coached myself through Skype. Another tool I sometimes used parallel is Google docs.

How Can You Support Social Learning?

Robert Conrad, 14 May 16

»NEW Successes: I gained a lot of insight through the material presented in this course. This course will also certainly inspire my professional acting in the long-run. NEW Challenges: I some…

Reflect your Story, Part 2!

Robert Conrad, 14 May 16

Your Cover Story - The Future of Corporate Digital Learning

Robert Conrad, 14 May 16

»Once I attended an economics class with flipped classroom elements. The instructor also implemented difficult extra-tasks to gain extra score. These extra-tasks where so extensive that you had…

Learning Hub

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Robert Conrad, 02 May 16

»By her own and her team: When they reach milestones on the roadmap of their learning goals (e.g. achieve a certain score at quizzes, or finish a module at a certain date) they get rewards like…

Gamification for Martina

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Robert Conrad, 28 Apr 16

»I suggest that Martina and everyone else should have 3 hours per week which is dedicated to learning. Everybody should learn at the same time. This would prevent that people would interrupt ea…

Creating a Culture of Learning for Martina

Robert Conrad, 19 Apr 16

»1) What do you want/expect Martina to learn? She should learn management and team leading skills. She should be able to delegate work and consider the qualifications and strengths of each o…

Help out Martina!

Robert Conrad, 05 Apr 16

5 Questions Towards a DLS

Robert Conrad, 27 Mar 16

»Successes: * I completed several MOOCs but also participated in some courses in Moodle. Challenges: * I had to be disciplined to finish the courses in time since there was no pressure by a …


Robert Conrad, 13 Mar 16

»It really depends which media I prefer. Usually I prefer videos to see the trainer. But at the same time I always like to have a script or something I can read, where I can highlight important…


Robert Conrad, 13 Mar 16

»L&D trainers, HR staff and deciders have to be convinced by the benefits of e-learning, in order to implemet it #TransitionbyConviction


Robert Conrad, 06 Mar 16