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Your Cover Story - The Future of Corporate Digital Learning

How do you imagine the future to look like?

With the gamestorming method "Cover Story" - explained here by Dave Gray - we would like you to envision and imagine your ideal future of corporate digital learning.

You can create your own magazine cover page, use the gamestorming image as inspiration, or come up with something completely different and new. Just show us your wildest dreams! Usually, this game is played collaboratively, but we want to put the focus on the discussions and comments after. So make sure to share your journal entry and have a look at other journals as well.
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This game is based on The Grove Consultants International’s Leaders Guide to Accompany the Cover Story Vision Graphic Guide® ©1996–2010 The Grove.

Ps: There is also an online version of Cover Story, you can play here.

Need some inspiration on how the future could look like?
Watch this video by The CGBros!

Your Cover Story - The Future of Corporate Digital Learning


Learners have a personal digital learning assistant who helps them with their learning
Learners get a very individualized training (the personal digital learning assistant detects the best method for each learner of how to teach her or him the subject matter or training module)
Learners get provided with their courses on any device (ubiquitous digital-learning – learning anytime and anywhere)
Learning content adapts to device used for learning (responsive digital-learning)
Learners are very enthusiastic about improving their job relevant skills through courses and trainings designed by the Digital Learning Company (DLC).
Companies are thrilled by the performance boost of their employees after using the digital learning courses of the Digital Learning Company DLC. HR personnel, trainers and CEOs are also excited because DLC offers a reliable way to measure the ROE and thus shows how investments in education pays off.

Teachy’s learning revolution – How DLC’s personalized digital learning assistant boosts your learning experience.
The epic learning transformation by DLC
Learning will never be the same
Sustainable and efficient learning has never been easier

Learning has never been easier and more efficient before
Learning without pain
The painless learning experience
24/7/365 – the incredible learning experience
Emotional digital learning thanks to Teachy.
Teachy is a personal learning assistant with a natural voice, helping you to learn in the most efficient way.
Professionals perform better by learning relevant subject matters with Teachy.

A team of digital learning experts developed the next big thing in education technology – finally a dream comes true
Learning has never been scalable on such personal level
Teachy is your personal learning assistant who teaches you by simulated learning.
Teachy creates reports on ROE

“I get my work done while I learn.”
“Learning has never been as purposeful and relevant as with Teachy.”

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