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Reflect Your Story, Part II! ☝

Reflect your Story, Part 2!


NEW Successes: I gained a lot of insight through the material presented in this course. This course will also certainly inspire my professional acting in the long-run.

NEW Challenges: I somehow got fascinated by the ROE. I will enlarge on this topic, because I think that evaluating the learning impact is a sales argument for the products which I’m selling.

NEW Learnings: I finally realized for me that blended learning is a good mixture for my professional context. Sitting in front of a low resolution display makes learning sometimes painful. Therefore, having the presence course in sight, gives learners strengths to survive their bad computer display and then get “rewarded” by personal interaction with other human beings (other learners, trainers).
I also learned that I am not a MOOC-learner. I need more pressure and more forced interaction with other participants, otherwise I do not benefit from the MOOC-setting.

NEW Recommendations: Digital learning should be designed in an individual, emotional, interactive way and teach only relevant things in time. Involving learners in the training makes the learning-effect sustainable. Trainers have to find ways to make learners interact during the online-training. According to the 70:20:10 model, this would be the 20% of the learning. I think peer reviews would be a good way to do that instead of voluntary comments. Because the latter is not very successful (in this course there where over 6.000 participants and I received less than 10 comments, most of them from Iversity’s Katharina - Thank you Katharina).

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