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»All in all my thoughts and experiences in the field of digital learning have been confirmed. But in addition my own knowledge in the field of measuring the ROE have improved due to the course.…

Reflect your story

Vincent Borghoff, 02 May 16

»To make learning more fun and also more interesting in a professional meaning, gamification is one possibillity. But before thinking about implementing digital games in a common sense it would…

Gamification for Martina

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Vincent Borghoff, 02 May 16

»I think the major aspect for supporting social learning is to design the learning scenarios in an inspiring way. Both content and course strucure have to enable social and self paced learning.…

Social Learning

Vincent Borghoff, 07 Apr 16

»First of all she should explain the major reasons why she is doing this kind of advanced training and what she is specifically learning. Furthermore she should also explain how her team might …

Culture of Learning

Vincent Borghoff, 07 Apr 16

»1.) First of all she should be able to overview the excigencies of her new position, meaning what are the major tasks she has to do. Secondly it would also be important which of these tasks sh…


Vincent Borghoff, 07 Apr 16


Vincent Borghoff, 06 Apr 16

»I was using digital learning inside a academic context. For example the introductory workshops for new students are build in a blended learning scenario. Because there is no obligation to take…

My story

Vincent Borghoff, 11 Mar 16

»I would prefer videos for presenting the content. By using this type of media the user is able to retrace the way the teacher gets towards the solution for a specific problem more clearly. By …

Type of material

Vincent Borghoff, 11 Mar 16

»The biggest challenge i had to deal with is to find a matching didactical approach to fit the learners and teachers needs. didactics


Vincent Borghoff, 10 Mar 16