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How Can You Support Social Learning?

Think about your learning and/or your employees and co-workers learning: how can you support them and yourself with social learning?

For some inspiration, read this article and watch the following video:

„We Learn More When We Learn Together: Find some tipps and tricks“ - In this article by Jane E. Dutton and Emily Heaphy, in the Harvard Business Review, January 2016 you will find 8 tipps about how to create and maintain with your „high-quality connections“ at work.

Supporting Social Learning

Video by Harold Jarche

Social Learning


I think the major aspect for supporting social learning is to design the learning scenarios in an inspiring way. Both content and course strucure have to enable social and self paced learning. Furthermore learning should be designed in a way that enables self-learning and dicussions afterwards. By discussing the learned content and finding applications and related fields learners get to a point where they reflect the content and self-develop further knowledge.

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