Prof. Dr. Claudia Bünte

Prof. Dr. Claudia Bünte is a proven international marketing and branding expert. She has held a number of management positions at global companies around the world: Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company, Global Vice President of Brand and Marketing Strategy at Volkswagen AG, Director of Knowledge and Insights Europe and Director of Strategy and Planning for Germany and three other markets at The Coca-Cola Company. Other responsibilities included working with top brands such as NIVEA, Apple and Siemens.

She holds a doctorate in brand strategy and teaches marketing at international universities, especially the SRH Berlin University of Applied Science. As managing partner of Kaiserscholle GmbH, she advises international companies on all marketing and brand management issues as well as on digital transformation.

Prof. Bünte researches in the field of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing, current publications include AI in Marketing and AI in China - how the digital transformation revolutionizes retail and marketing. Her most recent innovation trip to China was in November 2019, prior to which she led a project for the introduction of prestige car brands in Beijing.

Prof. Bünte is also a member of the Academic Advisory Board of Analyx GmbH, an international company that transforms Big Data Analytics into business-oriented software tools for marketing managers.



Künstliche Intelligenz im Marketing


Artificial Intelligence in Marketing