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»We should think about landscape, but also ideological context. What was their message to their own society/ or neighbours? What was message adressed to their deities? Some would say that loca…

Not just stones or landscape

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MA MA Tamara Babić, 25 Feb 17

»Theory that Stonehenge was some kind of observatory seems obsolete - we can find some kind of analogy with constelations if we try. Similar situation is with other ancient cultures - ancient E…

To build or not to build

MA MA Tamara Babić, 25 Feb 17

»It is very important to understand why is UNESCO's full name of the site "Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites" - because the most important step in interpretation of every archaeological …

Why Stonehenge was built anyway?

MA MA Tamara Babić, 23 Feb 17