Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them': Integration and Diversity in Europe

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»I have learned a lot! 'I am not alone' is my take-away. I am thinking of how the German broke the Wall but it is still in them!!!

Break the wall again

Samah Al Jundi-Pfaff, 16 Aug 17

»The course is over but I am still searching for answers! Good I am not alone. The whole world is doing so. What is worth mentioning here, is where should we search for answers! After reading …

Environment of Uncertainity

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Samah Al Jundi-Pfaff, 16 Aug 17

»I do agree with the 40% who said if I were a headscarf, I can not become German! Wearing scarf makes me 'real'! I am human.

I am real

Samah Al Jundi-Pfaff, 19 Jul 17

»“In the first place, ‘I’ don’t like to be called refugee!” (Arendt, Hannah) I myself use “newcomer” since day 1 here in Germany. I arrived Frankfort Airport on 14 August, 2015. I was wearing …

Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it

Samah Al Jundi-Pfaff, 19 Jul 17

»How do you think we can best measure integration? What counts most (e.g. numbers, personal encounters, building networks)? When we agree that integration is a process and it is the task of peo…

Integration Measurement

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Samah Al Jundi-Pfaff, 14 Jul 17

»Samah is my name. In Arabic Samah means forgiveness. I forgive but I do not forget! Ugarit Souria is my Facebook name. Ugarit is the ancient name of Lattakia - the old port town in Syria. Sou…

I am ME

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Samah Al Jundi-Pfaff, 01 Jul 17