Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them': Integration and Diversity in Europe

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»I have learned a lot! 'I am not alone' is my take-away. I am thinking of how the German broke the Wall but it is still in them!!!

Break the wall again

Samah AlJundi, 16 Aug 17

»The course is over but I am still searching for answers! Good I am not alone. The whole world is doing so. What is worth mentioning here, is where should we search for answers! After reading …

Environment of Uncertainity

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Samah AlJundi, 16 Aug 17

»I do agree with the 40% who said if I were a headscarf, I can not become German! Wearing scarf makes me 'real'! I am human.

I am real

Samah AlJundi, 19 Jul 17

»“In the first place, ‘I’ don’t like to be called refugee!” (Arendt, Hannah) I myself use “newcomer” since day 1 here in Germany. I arrived Frankfort Airport on 14 August, 2015. I was wearing …

Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it

Samah AlJundi, 19 Jul 17

»How do you think we can best measure integration? What counts most (e.g. numbers, personal encounters, building networks)? When we agree that integration is a process and it is the task of peo…

Integration Measurement

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Samah AlJundi, 14 Jul 17

»Samah is my name. In Arabic Samah means forgiveness. I forgive but I do not forget! Ugarit Souria is my Facebook name. Ugarit is the ancient name of Lattakia - the old port town in Syria. Sou…

I am ME

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Samah AlJundi, 01 Jul 17