Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them': Integration and Diversity in Europe

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What roles do citizenship and participation play in integration?

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Tell us: What roles do citizenship and participation play in integration?

In Chapter 4, we've taken a look at some of the more tangible parts of the journey from 'foreigner' to citizen: naturalization, participation, and which policies and attitudes matter towards making someone feel as though they belong. We imagine that many of you have personal experiences with these topics or opinions on how they should be handled for those coming to your countries. We'd love for you to share them with the 'Us' & 'Them' course community here!

Here are some guiding questions to draw from:
- How do you define 'diversity' and how did you 'learn it' (or how do you think you still need to learn it?)
- What types of major divides or cleavages do you most see in your society? Are these along the lines of immigrant vs. native or other groups?
- How easy or hard do you think it should be for immigrants or refugees to gain citizenship of their new country? Do you think people should be able to maintain dual citizenship or do you see this as problematic for integration?
- What is one thing that you find especially important to feeling like you belong to your society (or what do you think it would be if you moved to a new place)?

Now what?
Click 'Start in Journal', and fill out the entry. How you do this is up to you: You can use just words, or add pictures or links to articles or videos to highlight your point!

Is this journal assignment required?
No! Nothing in our course is 'required', and there are no grades, but we encourage you to reflect on these topics and share if you feel comfortable, so that others in the course can benefit from your experiences.

Environment of Uncertainity

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The course is over but I am still searching for answers! Good I am not alone. The whole world is doing so. What is worth mentioning here, is where should we search for answers!
After reading "Providing driver’s licenses to unauthorized immigrants in California improves traffic safety, Jens Hainmueller, Duncan Lawrence, Hans Lueders, Immigration Policy Lab, I kept fancying what would happen in Europe if citizenship is provided to "Them"? Would it improve integration?
When people live in uncertainty, they are not motivated to participated. I may say they become indifferent.
Fear, anxiety and helplessness is what "Them" are facing everyday. Please remember that their days are different. Their days are not the normal calendar day!
Waiting for life will not make life. Being freeze creates passive aggression. "Them" do not need to change minds, they need to see opportunities. They need to see possibilities to become WE as to become "Us" is a transit phase.


Thanks for this insight, Samah. We're all looking for answers. I'm glad this course and its platform for community gave you a space to do it alongside others.

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