New Business Models – Working Together on Value Creation

Michel Smiers
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»The principles: Underlying Multiple Values cooperation: We are a local community on renewable energy We contribute to CO2-reduction We are a non-profit cooperation run by volunteers Shared:…

Clovermodel Solar Coop West Friesland

Michel Smiers, 15 Dec 16

»Valueproposition Solarcooperation: The Solar Cooperation West Friesland creates connection and exchange between residents of a local community, and offers them an approachable possibility to g…

feedback on valueproposition

Michel Smiers, 08 Dec 16

»Value proposition (block 2) Through joint procurement, installation and operation of a solar installation on a public roof, people without their own suitable space or roof, now can have access…

improved valueproposition Solar Cooperation West Friesland

Michel Smiers, 01 Dec 16