New Business Models – Working Together on Value Creation

Clovermodel Solar Coop West Friesland


The principles:

Underlying Multiple Values cooperation:
We are a local community on renewable energy
We contribute to CO2-reduction
We are a non-profit cooperation run by volunteers

Cooperationmembers all benefit the generated solarpower and cost-reduction on the energy-bill.
The potential risks and damages are equally shared between participants

We make use of the time, knowledge, competencies of members to organize the cooperation
We collaborate with local suppliers of solarsystems
We collaborate with local government

The design

We create a membership-cooperation

The community

The community consists of local citizens, small-companies and council, together realizing solar-installations.

Value proposition

We create connection and exchange between residents of a local community, and offer them an approachable possibility to generate their own solar power, in case they don’t have a suitable roof or space. In this way, we contribute to improve environmental and social commitment in achieving a CO2-neutral region.
Future improvement
Potential members can partially ‘pay’ their membership by contributing with their talents and competencies to organisational tasks.


Improved connectivity between local citizens
Lowering treshholds of participation, through non-monetary transactions
Reduction on CO2, and improving usage of renewable energy
Sustainable revenue for local suppliers solarpanels
Costreduction on electricity-bill of local households.

We contribute in achieving the regional Sustainability Goals agreed by local Town Councils

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