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»The twenty first century has continued the story of Stonehenge. Although many of our questions have not been answered (although a lot of progress is being made by archaeologists), we are sure …

The story of Stonehenge: continued

Kathryn Sharpe, 12 Jul 17

»Stonehenge has been able to influence many factors of British culture including music, art, poetry, writing, and architecture. From William Blake's poem Jerusalem, to romantic art pieces of th…

British culture and Stonehenge

Kathryn Sharpe, 12 Jul 17

»Although the work of Geoffrey of Monmouth around Stonehenge is fictional (meaning some may see it as being misleading and inaccurate), it should still bee considered as being valuable evidence…

Geoffrey of Monmouth's influence

Kathryn Sharpe, 12 Jul 17

»Many different solutions to the questions of Stonehenge have been suggested as we have gained knowledge through archaeological discoveries. When asking the question 'who built Stonehenge', I p…

Who, what, where, when, and why? The questions of Stonehenge.

Kathryn Sharpe, 12 Jul 17

»Due to the high tourist popularity and conspiracies around Stonehenge it self, many forget that Stonehenge is apart of a landscape that is just as interesting yet inconclusive as the famous ho…

Should we think of Stonehenge as just the stones, or the whole Stonehenge landscape?

Kathryn Sharpe, 10 Jul 17