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Chapter 1 Journal Activity

Should we think of Stonehenge as just the stones, or the whole Stonehenge landscape?


Due to the high tourist popularity and conspiracies around Stonehenge it self, many forget that Stonehenge is apart of a landscape that is just as interesting yet inconclusive as the famous horseshoe shaped stones that have became as informative as the pyramids in Egypt in - telling us what life was once like on this earth. Some of the notable historic sites, situated on the same landscape as Stonehenge, include Woodhenge, Stonehenge avenue, and Coneybury. Some of these sites are older than Stonehenge it self and have been able to give archaeologists an insight on their origins due to the discovery of flint, clay pots, and even human bones. Therefore Stonehenge rightfully should be considered as a whole landscape as collectively, each historic site located in the parish of Amesbury is equally as important in helping us answer the key questions of who, what, where, when, and why.

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