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Chapter 5 Journal Activity

The story of Stonehenge: continued


The twenty first century has continued the story of Stonehenge. Although many of our questions have not been answered (although a lot of progress is being made by archaeologists), we are sure one one thing, we are sure that Stonehenge represents the outcomes of motivation and teamwork. Due to the popularity of Stonehenge, it now holds a Guinness world record and is a must see tourist attraction - leading to the fencing of it to avoid possible destruction to our British monument. The structure has attracted many groups such as hippies, pagans, and neo-druids and has even inspired architecture in America with the war memorial on Maryhill, Washington being created as a replica. The Blick mead archaeologists are busy finding new facts and figures on Stonehenge continuously, meaning that we soon may have more possible solutions to the questions of Stonehenge.

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