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»Based on the previously mentioned learning objectives for Martina and suggestions about learning formats, Martina could benefit from the following ideas regarding gamification: In her depart…

Gamification for Martina

Julia Kornacker, 24 Apr 16

»In order to support Social Learning with my colleagues and for myself, I found the following information highly relevant and interesting: that about 90% of social learning takes place outsid…

Support of Social Learning

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Julia Kornacker, 24 Apr 16

»In order to support Martina build a fuitful learning culture, the following measures are helpful: Talk openly to the team about Martina's learning targets. Explain to the team that the succe…

Creating a Culture of Learning for Martina

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Julia Kornacker, 27 Mar 16

»1 Learning Objectives The starting point is a “gap analysis” based on Martina’s current profile as a marketing expert and her required future profile as senior project manager and team leader…

Training Concept for Martina

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Julia Kornacker, 27 Mar 16

5 Questions regarding a Corporate Digital Learning Strategy

Julia Kornacker, 27 Mar 16

My Professional Digital Learning Experience

Julia Kornacker, 27 Mar 16

»In my current company, I participated in several trainings that were delivered digitally. I would like to share two approaches. 1) Video plattform which distributes standardised knowledge to …

My personal professional experience with digital learning

Julia Kornacker, 13 Mar 16

»In order to learn effectively, I like a suitable mix of learning materials, depending on the learning objective and my current personal situation (e.g. time restrictions). To memorise a lot of…


Julia Kornacker, 01 Mar 16

»the recently established KPI dashboard of training success at our company was a real journey, I am still glad be have it in place :-)


Julia Kornacker, 29 Feb 16