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Training Concept for Martina

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1 Learning Objectives

The starting point is a “gap analysis” based on Martina’s current profile as a marketing expert and her required future profile as senior project manager and team leader. The most important learning needs can be identified in the area of leadership, particularly:

  • Decision Making
  • Delegation
  • Administrative tasks relating to being a superior
  • Assertiveness both within the team (change of role from colleague to boss) and towards other departments (potential conflict of interests with other departments)

2 Assessment and Impact Measures

Once a year, I would ask the team directly to provide feedback on Martina’s skills as a team lead in an anonymous survey. In addition, I would include peer feedback from other team leads who are working closely together with Martina and can judge her behaviour towards her team and representatives from other departments (e.g. team lead from internal communication, product development etc.).

Furthermore, as Martina’s direct supervisor I would take part in some of Martina’s jour fixes and some workshops to see her interaction with her team and other stakeholders of her team’s work. This would be a concrete “live” demonstration of the capacity to delegate, take decisions and conflict management skills.

Finally, direct conversations with Martina to reflect on her impression in her new role are very helpful. It is important to see how she feels in her role and how fast see evaluates her own progress in the different learning fields.

3 Design Instructions, Learning Activities, Content Forms

In order to help Martina become an effective team lead, I would use a blended learning format consisting of the following instruments:

  • E-Learning course transferring knowledge about facts & basic knowledge of administrative aspects (e.g. labour law for supervisors). This is pure information transfer with the objective to understand things.
  • Face-to-face training in a one-day-workshop with several other new team leads and an experienced trainer about leadership topics with practical exercises. This gives Martina the chance to connect to peers in the same situation and exchange experiences later on.
  • Interactive Digital learning format (ideally with the same participants of the f2f workshop). This format would include videos, sessions with practitioners & experiences executives and exercises for self-reflection.
  • Mentoring with a senior team lead from the same company, but from a completely different department / area.


almost 3 years ago

Hi Julia,

Well done!
It seems you have a clear view about job profiles and their related competencies.
Personnaly, as an instructional designer, I don't have such HR knowledge.

I see that we have a few similar proposals (self-reflection, mentoring, etc). I like very much your idea of gathering the newly promoted team leaders for a group training.

About asking the team to provide direct feedback, I personnally wouldn't propose that... It would be different if it is Martina who takes the initiative to request her colleagues feedbacks. The same with the observation days by the supervisor. This kind of situation can destabilize Martina, unless there is a big trust between her and the "boss".
Maybe it's a matter of company culture?


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