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Share Your Story! ☝

My personal professional experience with digital learning


In my current company, I participated in several trainings that were delivered digitally. I would like to share two approaches.

1) Video plattform which distributes standardised knowledge to a very large number of people, basically all employees. The content is primarily compliance-based (e.g. update on anti-corruption guideline) or product updates.

Success: professional and high-quality content, very good design of the video format

Challenges: staying involved over a longer period of time since there is no interaction at all

Learnings: the fomat overall makes sense given the high standardisation of the content and the large number of people

Recommendation: Start with a Q&A session or a forum for exchange of ideas about the topics as valuable add-on to the videos

1) Corporate social media plattform, used primarily for a) communities of practice (e.g. international HR community), b) presenting activities of certain departments / projects, c) knowledge sharing (e.g. trainings, announce network events etc.)

Success: broad amount of information and learning opportunities, mix of information / networking / peer-learning, very current material

Challenges: limited overview and structure, some material outdated

Learnings: I try to discipline myself and search very target-oriented and to avoid being distracted (i.e. I have my own search approach)

Recommendation: enable users to deal with corporate social media, make access as easy as possible (also for sales people on the road with little time in their offices)

Overall, my conclusion is that it depends on the type of information/skill to be transferred, which method suits best. I appreciate that several methods are available at the same time. About my own learning behaviour I learned, that I appreciate interaction, at least at some point in time.

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