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»We could imagine a game similar to "True or Dare" and for which Martina would have everyday, during the training program, to either share a good practice, an experience or do a specific task …

Learn with fun

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France Bobet, 01 Apr 16

»1. Create mandatory but short learning times It can also go through longer lunch time including dedicated time about learning times At the end of the week, all should share the "learning of th…

Learning environment through structure and fun

France Bobet, 01 Apr 16

»1) Understand what is management (main key principles) Understand what are the different management styles (participative, directive, etc) and be able to recognize hers Develop a leardership …

Martina's Learnings

France Bobet, 01 Apr 16

»My success as Digital Learning leader: I have been working on digital learning topics for 3 years and started from scratch. Obviously in such big company, I wasn't the only one having ideas an…

Being a Digital Learning Leader

France Bobet, 23 Mar 16

»I have been the first one working on digital learning topics in my division (more than 2000 employees) and I had to "sell" the benefits of such methods and tools for all employees as a newly h…

Change Management Challenge

France Bobet, 22 Mar 16