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Share Your Story! ☝

Being a Digital Learning Leader


My success as Digital Learning leader:
I have been working on digital learning topics for 3 years and started from scratch.
Obviously in such big company, I wasn't the only one having ideas and opportunities to develop new digital projects. However, I could see that other people mostly had in mind the cost reduction (avoid travelling, spending less time delibvering sessions and being able to train people remotely immediately). Per consequence, I started to demonstrate that quantity didn't always match with quality. In time, I succeeded in:
- Creating a pedagogical mindset of the key actors involved in digital topics and spread it to potential new ones
- Internalize the core digital learning process and content creation through buying authoring tool licenses and having resources working on them

My challenges as Digital Learning Leader:
My biggest challenge was to convince some managers, reluctant to new digital technologies, to spread the word so their team woul also be part of the change.

My Learnings:
- Start simple but with concrete and wide examples to reach a large population with one key message
- The initial investement might be higher than for tradictional classroom (tools, resources, etc.) but more rewarding in longer term

My recommendations:
- Don't think externalization or internalization but something in between might be quite efficient.
Some content needs to be done internally in order to focus on the specific internal knowledge but some content can also already be available and even for free online. Take advantages of both to create a diverse and interesting path.

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