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»Successes: - Digital learning is available to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. - Digital learning can save lots of money compared to in-person training. First of all, there are no travel co…

Reflect Your Story, Part 2!

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Christine Vazquez, 31 May 16

The Future of Corporate Digital Learning

Christine Vazquez, 30 May 16

»Learning hubs seem like a natural part of learning. We are excited about the new things we learn and want to talk to others about it! When I joined this MOOC, I told my partner about it and …

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Learning Hub

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Christine Vazquez, 05 May 16

Creating a Culture of Learning

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Christine Vazquez, 28 Apr 16

» Will the games/ interface be user-friendly for students? Will it be easy for the designer to build e-learning activities? Do the e-learning activities lead to effective mastery of the skil…

5 Questions to Ask Before Selecting an E-Learning Authoring Tool

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Christine Vazquez, 25 Apr 16

»I'm a professional development manager for an association that offers certificates and I've been an instructor in higher education. Most of my digital learning experiences relate to these pos…

My Digital Learning Experiences

Christine Vazquez, 20 Apr 16

»How I prefer to learn depends on what I'm trying to learn. I'm usually on #teamread. I can read over one hundred pages an hour if I have to. Time after time, I read all the text on a Powe…


Christine Vazquez, 15 Apr 16

»Digital learning vs. the forgetting curve!


Christine Vazquez, 13 Apr 16