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Let's Get Visual!

What Do Your Road Signs Towards a Digital Learning Strategy Look Like?

What 5 questions do you feel are the right ones to ask in order to address your needs?
What is important to consider in your company or corporate context?
Let's get visual and create a little drawing, image or graphic with 5 signs and questions you feel are necessary to address. Make sure to go through the additional materials first, then upload your visual "roadmap" to your journal.

enter image description here
Infographic by CommlabIndia

5 Questions to Ask Before Selecting an E-Learning Authoring Tool

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  1. Will the games/ interface be user-friendly for students?
  2. Will it be easy for the designer to build e-learning activities?
  3. Do the e-learning activities lead to effective mastery of the skills/information that students should be attaining?
  4. Is it easy to update e-learning materials? If templates for files are updated, will older versions still work?
  5. Is there a way to evaluate if the e-learning impacts student learning/ improves ROI?


over 2 years ago

Hmm, but don't you feel elarning tools in general are an outdated technology. Creating static files that don't allow for students to interact will usually not result an effective learning experience. Ultimately you can't cover all of Bloom's taxonomy with that but only get to "know" and "understand". You can of course teach / test some "analyse", "evaluate" "create" capabilties with multiple choice, but it's not the same as what you get when people come together to "negotiate truth".

These two articles I think provide a good critique of the WBT approach to elearning and call for an online learning platform much like iversity:

Unfortunately better failed as a startup, but I think their philosophy was absolutely correct.

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