Corporate Digital Learning

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Share Your Story! ☝

My Digital Learning Experiences


I'm a professional development manager for an association that offers certificates and I've been an instructor in higher education. Most of my digital learning experiences relate to these positions.

- Digital learning is available to anyone, anywhere, and at any time.
- I've designed e-learning games in Lectora and Articulate. Students have told me that the games have helped them be better prepared for the exam.

- Students don't participate regularly.
- Students don't keep pace with the course.
- Designing e-learning can be expensive and time-consuming.
- Some game templates can be a bit boring and basic for students.

- Podcasts should be kept to 6 minutes so that students don't get bored or distracted.

- Use as many forms of learning as possible (reading, podcasts, video, games, etc.). Every learner is different and can pick from the available materials in a customized way.

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