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Digital Marketing – Strategies & Channels

Arturo Bermudez
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»Currently, I am working with an agency on a digital strategy for a brand category. SEM, influencers and programmatic are the elements chosen for this plan. Also, on our webiste we have added a…

What are you taking away from this course?

Arturo Bermudez, 18 May 17

»The most valuable SEO data is that which helps you better understand your visitors and how they interact with your site. No tool quite delivers that data like Google Analytics, and none of the…

It´s time for ... tools!

Arturo Bermudez, 11 May 17

»Mobile is where the future of online marketing is going without a doubt. Consumers are more dependent today on their mobiles than ever before since it is a platform where all their apps are at…

Mobile, mobile, mobile

Arturo Bermudez, 11 May 17

»Social proof is key to influence the buying behavior of customers. As a brand we should use it as much as possible in our marketing campaigns. It must become an obsession to constantly think o…

The external sales force

Arturo Bermudez, 11 May 17

»Storytelling is crucial for DeWALT in order to better connect with our users. Since the brand and the products we sell are perceived as technical and innovative, one of the best ways we have f…

Are you a story teller?

Arturo Bermudez, 11 May 17