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Mengchu Huang, Ran Dang, Wayne Hu, and Haicheng Gu

Springer Nature Manuscript Guidelines

  • 58 min
  • Chinese
  • Interdisciplinary

What is the course about?

This series is an educational video series that provides an overview of the publishing process and the understanding of copyrights, aiming to address scholars' pain points during manuscript preparation. All of the video lectures feature a Chinese voiceover and English subtitles.

本视频讲座系列聚焦于Springer Nature图书及会议文集出版流程中的要点,旨在帮助作者解决在稿件准备过程中的碰到的问题,比如已发表内容的版权授权申请,如何填写会议文集选题表等。所有的视频都配有中文语音和英文字幕。

Course content

Episode #1 How to Obtain Copyright Permissions: CCC Marketplace 五分钟解决第三方授权:CCC Marketplace
Episode #2 Things to Know before Submitting to a Conference 投稿会议论文注意事项
Episode #3 Understanding Copyright 版权初探:定义、保护范围与保护期限
Episode #4 Copyright Infringement in Publication 出版发表中的版权问题
Episode #5 How to Prepare a Conference Proceeding Proposal, e.g. for Atlantis Press? 科学会议论文集出版之会议提案篇——聚焦Atlantis Press
Episode #6 How to Obtain Copyright Permissions :Rightslink 五分钟解决第三方授权:Rightslink
Episode #7 Publishing High Impact Major Reference Works : Part I 出版超高影响力的大型参考书 (上)
Episode #8 Publishing High Impact Major Reference Works : Part II 出版超高影响力的大型参考书 (下)
Episode #9 Introducing Curie 写作助手Curie简介

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