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Performance Improvement Techniques for Design

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What is the course about?

The course " Performance Improvement Techniques for Design" is a short duration course. The course discusses the various performance improvement techniques for ASIC and FPGA based designs. If you wish to pursue your career in the VLSI domain then the course is useful to understand the area, speed and power optimization and improvement techniques!

The practical scenarios are also highlighted with the PowerPoint presentations and videos with subtitles. Although it is a short duration course the course includes two assignments and 4 quizzes! The course covers the following important topics

1. Practical scenarios and design case study
2. Optimization strategies
3. Performance improvement for design
4. Complex designs and strategies
5. Important practical scenarios
6. Role of EDA tools

Course content

Design Constraints : Area, Speed and Power
Case study of Arithmetic Unit
Area Optimization Concept
Area Optimization and improvement
Speed Improvement
Power optimization
Complex Design and Optimization
Concluding Session : Tool based optimization Case Study

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