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What is the course about?

The MOOC "Introduction to MOOC design and delivery" was developed by the partnership of the Erasmus+ project "Curricular modernization by implementing MOOC model" (short, MODE IT). The
project sought to introduce innovative MOOC-based pedagogical approaches to the design and delivery of higher education courses. The project partnership consisted of 5 higher education institutions from Germany (Fachhochschule des Mittelstands), Lithuania (Kaunas University of Technology), Turkey (Anadolu University), Portugal (Polytechnic Institute of Porto), and Romania (Polytechnic University of Timisoara). 


The present MOOC aims to enable teachers and instructional designers at higher education institutions to create and deliver MOOCs as well as to integrate MOOCs into formal curricula in a didactically sound manner. More specifically, upon the completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

- understand and explain the foundations of open learning;
- design MOOC scenarios considering the specifics of different type of students;
- create and/or select suitable digital contents for a MOOC;
- analyse and select an appropriate platform for the MOOC delivery;
- understand the principles of the integration of MOOCs and/or MOOC-based pedagogies into formal curricula.

The MOOC consists of 5 stand-alone modules covering different aspects of MOOCs. The production of each module was led by a designated MODE IT partner institution as follows:

Module 1: Foundation of online learning (led by Kaunas University of Technology)

Module 2: MOOC Course Design (led by Anadolu University)

Module 3: MOOC Content Production (led by Polytechnic University of Timisoara)

Module 4: MOOC delivery (led by Polytechnic Institute of Porto)

Module 5: MOOC in formal learning (led by Fachhochschule des Mittelstands).

Each module has a workload between 4–5 hours. Each module consists of several short learning videos, supplementary learning materials (written texts enriched with links to further sources), quizzes for self-assessment, and journal assignment tasks which are supposed to be individual reflection tasks for self-control.


The MOOC targets teachers from higher education institutions of any subject area who want to acquire and/or improve their pedagogical and digital skills related to the creation and delivery of MOOCs and integration of MOOCs and/or MOOC-based pedagogies into formal curricula. 
In addition, the MOOC addresses instructional designers at higher education institutions wishing to enhance their pedagogical skills in the area of the MOOC creation, delivery and integration into formal curricula.


The creation of this open course has been partially funded by the ERASMUS+ grant program of the European Union under grant no. 2019-1-DE01-KA203-005051. Neither the European Commission nor the project’s national funding agency DAAD are responsible for the content or liable for any losses or damage resulting of the use of this course.


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