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Prof Ana Barata

Adjunct Professor

I have been lecturing at ISEP since 2001 in diverse course units, namely in the fields of Language Skills, Communication, and Project Management.
I developed my Ph.D. research in Communication Sciences, focusing on Communication, and the Arts, in the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of the New University of Lisbon (Portugal).
At present, I'm a leading researcher in Interaction and Learning Technologies at the GILT Research Unit (Games, Interaction and Learning Technologies), which I integrated in 2008.
I'm passionate about digital and urban arts, and my main research interests range from these areas to interactive media, serious games, education, and culture-related fields. I'm especially interested in researching and developing content focused on the role these fields play in education, and in social change and improvement.


Introduction to MOOC design and delivery
Introduction to MOOC design and delivery