Prof. Dr. Claudia Bünte

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

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  • Commercialisation
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À propos du cours

Is that artificial intelligence or can I throw it away? If you listen to the press, politicians and business leaders, you might think that AI is the best "since sliced bread". But then why do only 7% of the marketing managers in DACH use AI in their daily work? Apparently there is a difference between wish and reality.

The Espresso course therefore answers the most important questions that marketing managers currently have about AI in a pragmatic way:

  • Why is AI suddenly felt to be so important in business and the press?
  • Is AI really new?
  • What is AI actually, and how does machine learning fit in?
  • How do marketing managers see the benefits of AI today and in the future?
  • How is AI used in marketing today?
  • What types of managers are there in AI?
  • Which AI marketing tools already work in practice today and have proven to be successful?
  • What practical tips help making the use of AI in marketing successful?

What do I learn?

What you always wanted to know about artificial intelligence - practical and tangible.

For which target group is this course designed?

The course is aimed at marketing professionals, people responsible for digitalisation and students in the field of marketing, PR, and advertising.

What previous knowledge do I need?
Basic knowledge of business administration and marketing will help you to understand. Openness, the willingness to change and the will to implement.

What is included in this course?

You will find high-quality learning videos, additional materials, free access to the latest study "AI - the Future of Marketing", links to further information and a certificate of participation.

What our customers say about the course...

The course provides a quick and easy overview

The course provides a quick and easy overview of all essential areas of artificial intelligence. Good practice examples that are well explained including impact on the companies using the AI tools. The modules are not too long, always about 4 - 5 min. If you go through the 9 modules you will have a good kick start around AI in marketing.

Thomas Becker, CMO, SeaTable GmbH, Mainz

A good basis for the next steps to use AI in our agency

''AI in Marketing" is presented in a simple and understandable way. Claudia Bünte shows why we can't get around this topic any more. She explains briefly and concisely what AI is and what machine learning is. Important for practitioners like me: best practice tools in marketing and advertising that have been proven to work. A good basis for the next steps to use AI in our agency. Predicate: Practical!

Gordon Schmid, Managing Director, Tinkerbelle GmbH

Not too long and yet not too superficial. Just exactly right

The course is something for all marketing people who want to learn the basics of AI in marketing in a compact and practical way. Not too long and yet not too superficial. Just exactly right. And not least because of the many great additional materials that allow you to delve even deeper into the field. The course teaches the basics about AI in marketing in a simple and comprehensible way. And the illustration of the possible applications and the naming of the various tools that are already available deserve special mention.

Andreas Martinis, Partner at AI Zürich

Covers all areas of Artificial Intelligence on a broad basis

The course covers all areas of Artificial Intelligence on a broad basis and uses suitable examples to show what AI can already do today and where the journey will lead. Prof. Dr. Claudia Bünte conveyed the knowledge in a pleasant way, so that I was able to follow the practical contents wonderfully. The course is very informative, well structured and the individual videos have an optimal length. Thank you very much for this interesting and instructive course.

Jan Donaj, Student, International Business Administration


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