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Thomas K. Maran

Thomas Maran trains managers to develop their leadership. His vision is to develop leadership which works naturally. This means leadership which gives direction through clear goals, which convinces charismatically, which inspires through its vision.

In the training he offers, he brings together applied skills, a showcase of best practice, with the results of cutting-edge research into leadership. Through practical exercise course participants accomplish immediate transfer of new skills in leadership into their companies and teams.

Thomas Maran researches and teaches Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Universities of Liechtenstein and Innsbruck. Furthermore, he and his company, LeadershipWerk, consult established companies to improve their leaders, drive towards data-driven choices and develop their range of leadership options. His portfolio includes a series of leader(ship) development programs, assessment centers and psychometric testing, as well as evaluation of transformation, business experiments and data intelligence.

Thomas K. Maran, PhD