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Caiman Island Population

Susan Patch, 12 Jun 16

State of UK Military and Morale

Susan Patch, 10 Jun 16

Stocks and Flows for water and fish in the Sea of Kiev

Susan Patch, 09 Jun 16

Balancing and Reinforcing Loops impacting Sales at Starbucks

Susan Patch, 01 Jun 16

Two balancing loops impacting L.A.'s Sustainability Efforts

Susan Patch, 01 Jun 16

»Given the 5.76% average growth rate, and using the approximation formula for doubling time, it would take: 70/5.76% years or approximately 12.15 years for France's national debt to double in…

How long will it take for France’s national debt to double in size?

Susan Patch, 01 Jun 16

Feedback Loops driving Facebook Active Users

Susan Patch, 01 Jun 16

Systemic Structure for Why the Income Gap is growing

Susan Patch, 27 May 16

Event and Pattern of Change for Income Gap between Rich and Poor

Susan Patch, 27 May 16

Change in Malta Road Fatalities

Susan Patch, 23 May 16