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My Story


My company is fairly new to blended learning. We went live with the LMS and the first WBTs at the end of last year. Before that we already used webinars for a few topics. The following tools are in use:

  • WBTS: Easygenerator and Captivate
  • Webinars: WebEx

With the release of the WBTs we were able to save three full days of on-site trainings. The main topic of the first WBTs was the use of a quite complex software a lot of people in the company use on a daily basis. Before the going live we taught the working with the software at on-site trainings (about 50 people per month). Now we could reduce3 full day on-site trainings per month and focus more on competence-based trainings.

A big challenge was the acceptance in the company. For now most of the blended learning concepts focus on new employees. We realized, that a lot of the more experienced employees are not interested in the new platform, because there was not much for them to explore. Some manager weren´t providing enough learning-time for our new employees. One of the biggest learning for me would be to involve the management more and to ensure a wide-ranging understanding of blended learning and importance of independent learning.

For now our main goal is to achieve a routine in the administrational processes and to develop more didactical competence, to ensure a motivational blended learning atmosphere.

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