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»The first small step in Gamification would be a success status bar, where she could monitor her progress during the learning session and to see how much she already learned. For everyonline le…

Gamification for Martina!

Sarah Ebinger, 01 Jul 16

»1.)For me it seems, there are the following topics to focus the learning on: - knowing the expectations of her management - improving her Self-organization especially prioritizing, time-manage…

Help out Martina!

Sarah Ebinger, 29 Apr 16

»My company is fairly new to blended learning. We went live with the LMS and the first WBTs at the end of last year. Before that we already used webinars for a few topics. The following tools a…

My Story

Sarah Ebinger, 14 Apr 16

»Our biggest challenges were, that we underestimate the amount of work according administration and organisation in the beginning as well as the acceptance in the company of "learning hours are…

Journal Exercise: #140characterchallenge

Sarah Ebinger, 01 Mar 16