Employability Skills

Samah Al Jundi-Pfaff
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»I am a baby of fifty-three but young in heart. My life in Germany gave me the chance to be the change I want to see. I register onto this MOOC to know how to start my career according the Ger…

My German Life

Samah Al Jundi-Pfaff, 27 Oct 16

»I am a 'pedagogic' in Friedland Museum and Evangelische Familienbildungsstatte Mehregenerationsenhaus. I studied English Literature but I found my passion when I studied Education and Methodo…

A refugee who is a New Comer

Samah Al Jundi-Pfaff, 12 Aug 16

»Being Syrian in Germany is challenging so I decided to register to learn to match the Deutsch market requirements. I studied English Literature so I started my career as a translator then I m…

Writing a new chapter of life

Samah Al Jundi-Pfaff, 31 Jul 16