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Evaluating career coherence

This Peer Assignment, will help you evaluate the "coherence" of your career. By coherence we mean the harmony between your chosen occupation(s), personal attributes and preferences, and career aims.

This assignment is intended to be commented by your peers so that you will be able gain feedback on your entries. Please appreciate the effort of your peers by giving structured, useful feedback.

Please respond to the following tasks:

Task 1: In 1-2 sentences, please describe your career so far. What degree have you gained; and what professional experience do you have?
- What is your career path type? (technical, project, leadership or entrepreneurial)

Task 2: In 1-2 sentences, please describe what tasks, events or subjects you have most enjoyed in your past work and studies, and why.

Task 3: From the following list of career aims, select the 2-3 most important to you:
- Maintain job stability and security to plan ahead
- Satisfy family expectations
- Quickly assume new responsibilities and earn a high salary
- Become independent and realise your unique lifestyle
- Grow your expertise and capabilities, earn respect
- Realise your passion, work for a sense of purpose
- Use your creativity and express yourself

Task 4: Imagine that you have decided to seek a new job. Having applied, an employer has invited you to a job interview.
a) Please describe the job you would have applied to.
b) The interviewer asks what your three most important personal strengths for that job are. What will you answer?
c) In which ways would you like to grow and develop in your new job?
d) How likely is this position to involve tasks or events that you named under task 2?
e) How likely is this position to allow you achieve the aims you selected in task 3?

A refugee who is a New Comer


I am a 'pedagogic' in Friedland Museum and Evangelische Familienbildungsstatte Mehregenerationsenhaus.
I studied English Literature but I found my passion when I studied Education and Methodology & Curriculum.
Being the Coordinator of International Education and Resources Network opened doors so I studied Critical Thinking Skills and Project Based Learning.
While I was the Girls Education Officer, UNICEF Damascus, Syria, I studied ComBE, Communication for Behavioral Impact.
My career path is integration projects to help refugees being the new comers.

Before fleeing my country, I enjoyed training people to see the light which at the end of the tunnel! Focusing on Life Skills training gave me chances to see the trainees build their leadership skills and doing life not just living.

My career aims are:
Realise my passion, work for a sense of purpose.
Use my creativity and express myself.
Maintain job stability and earn salary which make my life comfortable and safe.

I would apply to be a social worker in a Fruenhaus or Jungehaus where there are refugees if I had the chance!
My three most important personal strength that I was raised up by a refugee; I worked with Iraqi, Lebanese, Somali and displaced Syrian in peace time in Syria, and, nowadays, I am a refugee myself. I am attentive listener and fair communicator. I read too much religions so I can build bridges for peace and reconciliations.

I would like to be a 'human resources maker' by developing training course manuals which have live success stories and case studies. I have already built one to train women refugees to build their capacities to enter the German job market. I will start the training on 06.09.2016 in Eschwege.

I will train refugees to earn life here in Germany not just get money from the Social or the Job Center and watch TV. Seeing them building life to be the added value and to work for a sense of purpose which is to live and integrate meaningfully in the community. No one gets up early morning to flee the home! But a man can make a benefit of being in safe and well equipped environment to make sustainable life. Refugees can be new comers when they focus on the present and develop citizenship.
My job stability is the outcome of the steps I will make while I am doing my job such as paying taxes, reporting my project, being active on the social media, studying more to be upgraded, and open my heart and my mind to capture the moment.

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