Digital Marketing – Critical Success Factors

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It´s time for some analysis...dissect the digital marketing strategy of your favorite brand

What is your favorite brand?

WHY is it your favorite brand? What is their WHY? Does your why and theirs match? What are the emotional, functional, social or self-expressive benefits they deliver to you?

And how is it reflected in their marketing mix, their 4P´s?

In case you need further instructions on how to tackle it, go to the additional material section of chapter 3.1 (e.g. there is an analysis of the marketing mix of Starbucks)

Amazon Story: a brand which doesn't own anything


Amazon has been my favorite brand in the last 10 years.
i thought long about which brand i had to choose but eventually i decided for amazon.
At first sight it is hard to define amazon as a brand, because they don't own their goods , they "only" have warehouse placed all around the world.
their why is to convince people that buying online can be faster, safer, cheaper and more then all social. How amazon do it ? it let sellers sell their good on its platform at their best price, giving clients the chance to judge the product in a way others can evaluate and decide if the product is worth to buy or not. what they do? they just send all the goods in less time then you need to take your car, visit a shop and buy your item (sparing you time).
At the same time they ensure you that if the item doesn't match your wishes , you can send it back for free.

Their why meets my why. i desire to have a fast way to place my order without the fear to lose my money or waste my time filling long page of information (needed for the shipment) . Once i registered on Amazon i can buy anything with 3 clicks.

They have also a functional-social benefit, because i can read other experience before buying something and i can write my review after using an item to write recommendation for others.

In this way i feel helpful and i can fill the need of self accomplishment.

Their Marketing Mix is clear-

1) Price : the price are offered on the platform are cheaper or anyway not more expensive then in the real shops, so that it is interesting for possible buyers.

2) product : they offer anything you could find in a real shop, sparing you time for looking in different shops and letting you make comparison between different products directly from your couch.

3) Promotion: they are amazing in it. Amazon places cookies in your IP after you visit their website so that they can follow you and make you visualize their banner. After that they make special rewards programs for their customers and try to reward who write recommendations with a title " top 100 reviewers ..."

4) Placement: no words to describe their distribution.
Amazon website is available in 11 languages all over the world. They have warehouse in each land to let any client receive their product in the shortest time possible.

I'm in love with this brand and i'm 100% their advocate.

Thanks for the time you spent reading my assignment.


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