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»With continuing advances in technology, the 21st Century will allow Stonehenge and its surrounds to be continually re-investigated, providing new insights into it's builders, and the people wh…

How is the 21st Century Continuing the Story of Stonehenge

Paul Teasdale, 06 Jun 17

»How has Stonehenge influenced British culture? In the field of architecture, outside of Bath, it's influence has been minimal - Gothic and Neo-Classical architecture have had a far greater im…

Stonehenge in Popular Culture

Paul Teasdale, 04 Jun 17

»Stonehenge did not, and does not, exist in isolation. It was a part of a landscape of forests & fields, rivers & springs, monuments & burials, farms & settlements, stretching b…

Stonehenge: It's Place in the Landscape.

Paul Teasdale, 25 Feb 17