Decent Work in Global Supply Chains

Muttaqa Yusha'u
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»The Cashew nut supply chain in India is a clear example of how global trade impacted on non-financial sectors, with devastating impact on workers down the supply chain. for example, forward bu…

GSC & Fictionalization of Non-Financial Sectors

Muttaqa Yusha'u, 30 Jan 17

»While most companies are involved in advertisement that are counter-productive, and some times unethical, (e.g, Baby food & breastfeeding supplements ), how can the naming and shaming of t…

how do we balance right protection and employment

Muttaqa Yusha'u, 25 Jan 17

»weak state regulatory framework has rendered the state sovereignty weak, and eroded. Transnational corporations are the main architectures of global regulation, in fact, the balance of force…

Self-regulating market & Global Governance

Muttaqa Yusha'u, 25 Jan 17

»What comes to my mine while reading, and listening to the introductory video, and the additional reading on the global regulatory framework of the Transnational Corporations (TNC'S), was the c…

TNCs & Corporate Social Responsibility?

Muttaqa Yusha'u, 25 Jan 17

»With the changing pattern of global production, Trans-national corporations exploits the global wage hierarchy between the North and the South. I think, what is pertinent for workers is to dee…

Global Labour Arbitrage

Muttaqa Yusha'u, 19 Jan 17