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Chapter 5 Journal Activity

Stonehenge in the space age


I would say that we are teling two stories now. One is the story of discovery, scientific study of the past of Stonehenge.
Second is the story of Stonehenge as an element of culture (both in wider anthropological and narrower senses of the word), which now became part of world globalized culture.
Both may influence each other - new archeological narratives about Stonehenge can become powerful cultural themes in the future, as happened with the old idea of Stonehenge built by druids. And the popularity of Stonehenge in culture stimulates the interest of people from all over the world to study about its actual history.
And both can exist independenty in the same time. (Stonehenge as an element of globalised culture is perhaps worthy of a study of its own, from the contemporary cultural studies' point of view.) Stonehenge (very often connected with modern variations on themes of druids, Arthur and Merlin) appears in many modern works of art and pieces of popular entertainment, from European sci-fi and fantasy genres, American computer games, to Japanese manga and animation. In the post-modern, globalised culture it became an element with its own life, independent on its actual (pre)historical past...
Considering the increasing speed of both technological and cultural change in 20th and the beginning of 21st century, it's hard to imagine how it will be perceived at its end - but it's such a powerful image that I would say it would be part of shared cultural corpus even of the humanity of distant future among different stars...

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