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»I would say that we are teling two stories now. One is the story of discovery, scientific study of the past of Stonehenge. Second is the story of Stonehenge as an element of culture (both in w…

Stonehenge in the space age

Michal Dudas, 04 Apr 17

»Stonehenge is a powerful image. Not only for the Romantism, but also for all romantics after. It's age, it's mass, it's secret... It's hard for an outsider to say if it has been used, inspired…

iconic image

Michal Dudas, 04 Apr 17

»I think that Geoffrey of Monmouth and William Stukeley lay the foundations of popular modern perception of Stonehenge. And Stukeley's shadow is stronger: Stonehenge is commonly perceived as ol…

Stukeley's Shadow

Michal Dudas, 04 Apr 17

»If we don't know what it was, it's a "ritual object"! ;) Jokes aside - I think it's quite safe to suppose that the builders of Stonehenge used "mythological" way of thinking and that religion …

universality of the word "ritual"

Michal Dudas, 04 Apr 17

»I think that it's just natural to combine both views, to look in detail on the stones and other elements of the site and then think about them in the context of the landscape. That's quite nat…

Stonehenge, landscape and culture

Michal Dudas, 02 Mar 17