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09 May 2017, 09:56 AM
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Are you a story teller?

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools - for your brand and for YOU, too.

Anytime you want to convince and reach someone and when you want to make things happen, storytelling is a key element. Especially, if you are in a leading role.

In case you don´t believe us, you might wanna watch this video, especially tailored to storytelling in leaderhsip (side note: we just liked the trailer, we haven´t read his book!)

Video by David Hutchens

For those of you, who prefer an article, here you go.

So this assignment is about you, reflecting (and practicing ;)) how to becoming a better storyteller!

It´s less about writing an essay, but more about reflecting and practicing your own behavior.

Think about the following questions:
- How often do you tell stories? Is it part of your everyday language?
- How do you currently incorporate stories into your work?
- Can you tell there is a difference in people´s reactions, when you tell a story vs facts?
- Next time you hold a presentation: Can you open with a story - that happened to you or someone else - that relates to your audience´s situation?

In addition to our storytelling material in chapter 2.3, you might find more tips here or here.

And always remember: In the end, its about replacing rational talk by addressing the elephant, our emotions.

PS: "Great stories happen to those who can tell them" (Ira Glass)

Why Storytelling is Important


Storytelling is definitely a vital part of our everyday lives. Storytelling can inspire people to act in surprising ways. It helps us makes sense of the world that is constantly evolving.

A story is something that comes from the outside but does something incredible to the inside, evoking different emotions. People definitely react differently when they hear stories vs. facts.

In my work, I still need to consciously incorporate stories. It is also very important to see leaders who know ow to tell stories, inspire their employees to work towards the company vision.

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