13 Mar 2017, 02:02 AM
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Chapter 3 Journal Activity

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New discoveries continuing


Geoffrey of Monmouth had pondered the Stonehenge and knew that it was ancient. Not having modern archaeological tools at his advantage, he did not know how old, but he concluded they were older than the Roman occupation. Geoffrey probably used ancient text and legends to come up with the idea that the Druids had built the Stonehenge. Tales about "Arthur" and "Merlin", were very popular at the time, and so was magic, and legends of giants. Today we know approximately when the Stonehenge was built and by whom. Using proper archaeological excavating techniques, archaeologists have discovered how the Stonehenge was built, and for what purpose. Some today still hold on the the myths of Druids building the Stonehenge, and legends of their use even though archaeology proves differently.

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