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»People use their imaginations and have their own ideas about Stonehenge. Some create a fantasy world around Stonehenge that includes themselves. Others create new religions like "Wicca", and…

Modern Day Stonehenge

Gary Jordan, 27 Mar 17

»Stonehenge has attracted the attention of British inhabitants and the world for centuries. Stonehenge is probably the best known stone monument outside the pyramids of Egypt. People have oft…

Stonehenge, a British Icon

Gary Jordan, 20 Mar 17

»Geoffrey of Monmouth had pondered the Stonehenge and knew that it was ancient. Not having modern archaeological tools at his advantage, he did not know how old, but he concluded they were ol…

New discoveries continuing

Gary Jordan, 13 Mar 17

»We might have a good idea of when Stonehenge was built, based on radiocarbon dating. We have some bone fragments, antlers and charcoal, etc. that can give us a pretty accurate date. We can s…

What we think we know

Gary Jordan, 06 Mar 17

»Stonehenge may well be made of stones, but because of their placement, they are more than merely stones. First, the stones presence represents man's achievements. It took an enormous amount of…

Stoneheng - Part of a landscape

Gary Jordan, 25 Feb 17