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Complex argument analysis 1

You are in charge of acquisitions for an IT company. Your specialty is dealing with software licenses and computer components, but your CEO decided to add a healthcare subscription to the employee benefits. There are several clinic chains offering this service in your region, so today you assess them. On the website of one of them, XYZ Medical, you read:

“XYZ Medical is the perfect healthcare solution for companies. First, and most important, our clients are happy with our services. More than 90% of the CEOs we have interviewed are satisfied with the quality of our medical services performed for their employees. Also, in choosing us, you are sure to partner with the biggest healthcare provider in the region.”

Please analyze this complex argument following the steps that we have discussed:

Steps of argument analysis:

1. Put the argument in standard form.

a. Identify the main conclusion.
b. Identify all other relevant statements.
c. Identify and write hidden premises.
d. Simplify wording.
e. Draw the graph.

2. Check if the conclusion follows logically from the premises.
3. Check if the premises are true.

You can call or email XYZ Medical. What questions would you ask them in order to assess the truth of the premises? Also, what question would you ask them in order to address other aspects of your decision which are not touched in the text above? Overall, how do you rate this complex argument?

Healthcare subscription


Final Conclusion: XYZ Medical is the perfect healthcare solution for companies.

Intermediary C1: clients are happy.
Because P1: 90% of CEO's who were interviewed are satisfied.
Client satisfaction is a good indicator for prospect clients decision.

P2: XYZ is the biggest healthcare provider in the region.
Biggest healthcare provider is good for prospect clients decision.

P1: How many CEO's were interviewed out of total number of clients? What percent of the customers the interviewed CEO's represent out of total number of customers?

P2: Biggest heathcare provider in the region - how it is measured: number of clients, number of customers, revenue, number of clinics/hospitals/beds, number of doctors/nurses?

To dig further:
- average waiting time to get an appointment for a medical examination
- average waiting time entering clinic till entering medical office
- subscription price versus subscription package
- average percentage of co-payment (extrapayment on top of subscription price)
- locations of the clinic(s) compared to location of my company

The initial complex argument offers only 10% of the info I need to make a decision.

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