Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them': Integration and Diversity in Europe

Charles David Tauber
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»"Diversity" is a very difficult word to define. In the current society in which I live, people who, to my mind are very close to one another in their mindsets and beliefs are considered to be …

Citizenship and Participation

Charles David Tauber, 25 Jul 17

»I have lived in five different societies, that is, those of New York, Oregon, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Croatia, in particular in a war-torn part of Croatia. In New York and Oregon, which …

What Does Integration Mean to Me?

Charles David Tauber, 19 Jul 17

»Before going into this topic, I must give my own background to put what I am saying into context. I grew up in New York City of immigrant parents. I then moved to Oregon for 7 years. I then…

Is There Such A Thing as a Real Anything?

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Charles David Tauber, 09 Jul 17

»To begin with, I object to the term "your country" or "my country". I don't feel that my identity is completely connected with any one place. Perhaps that's because I lived in the USA, Belgium…

I am Charles

Charles David Tauber, 01 Jul 17