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Reflect Your Story, Part II! ☝

My story, Part II



I am proud, that I finished this MOOC 100%, which I was not sure about in the beginning.
I gained my curiosity and my joy of learning new things back!
I actually got a new perspective concerning my career!

Once I made a break, because my "real life" was more demanding, it was not that easy to come back and really finish this course.
It was quite demanding, that this course's language is not my mother language. I learned English in school and I did not have to use is for over 15 years now. Especially the written assignments were quite challenging.

A challenge, that I will give myself for my next course: Try and get involved more. I would like to have some deeper discussions to have the feeling, that I am more into the subject. I know, that it does cost a lot of time, but I believe, it's worth it.
So: If somebody reads this: don't hesitate to write a command or get in touch somehow.

I learned, that I already do know a lot about designing a learning environment. That's a real booster for my self-esteem. ;)

Just try new things, especially when you can learn something.
Do not forget about your background and try to connect it with the new things you learn.
Try and get involved!

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